Better information
for better decisions.

Founded by expert David F. Harris, Insight & Measurement conducts custom research consulting and implementation to arm Fortune 500 companies with better information for better business decisions.

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Why clients choose
Insight & Measurement


Thorough Consulting
and Planning

The success of all projects begins with figuring out the real problem and then the questions that need to be answered. We help refine the understanding of the problem so we can deliver superior solutions.


Innovative Research
Planning and Design

We use all the tools, often in creative ways, and put together a research plan that is a setup for success.

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Thoughtful Analysis
and Actionable Insights

We customize our analysis and look at the data in creative ways to get accurate information and uncover insights.


Minimal Overhead,
Minimal Waste

We often find that by consulting, planning and creating thoughtful research designs, we get you better information and insights at a lesser cost.

David is one of the sharpest and most thoughtful market research professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. At Merz, his insight was instrumental in key decision making for the brands I managed. He didn’t just produce well-orchestrated market research, but took the trouble to understand the issues and delivered strategic recommendations.
— Director of Marketing
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 Discover expert solutions for

Research planning and life-cycle management

We spent years designing research plans for products and services. Good research plans have qualitative and quantitative approaches to answering The Five Key Decisions.

Questionnaire design

We wrote the book on how to write questionnaires to support decision-making. Sadly, few suppliers are trained, and most surveys yield biased information with all sorts of inaccuracies. Not ours. We are well-trained in the art and science of questionnaire design.

Qualitative research

We have the skills to design qualitative techniques and to use proper tools and probing skills to dig beneath the surface.

And much, much more!