the im advantage 


Our quest for better information is built upon the IM framework for success. 

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  • Research Consulting

    We provide consulting to help define the key problems that need to be addressed and to put together a research plan to get the information needed. A little thought upfront makes all the difference. As they say, measure twice, cut once.

    Albert Einstein was once asked how he would spend his time if he was given a problem upon which his life depended, and he had only one hour to solve it. He responded by saying he would spend 30 minutes analyzing the problem, 20 minutes planning the solution, and ten minutes executing the solution.

  • Research Plan with Deliverables

    We give you a written research plan that outlines our understanding of the problem, the decision(s) your organization needs to make when the study is done, the information we will collect, the study design and timing, and key deliverables. No surprises. We get it right by writing it down and making sure we have it right.

  • Research Implementation & Analysis

    At this stage it is about attention to detail. Whether it is a qualitative project where intuition and probing are key, or quantitative work where words and phrases and order of questioning are critical, we pay attention to the details. When it comes to analysis, we use multiple reviewers to ensure that we dig deep and avoid bias.


As a result, we help you in five key decisions areas by answering:

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Benefits / What benefits should we offer?


Targets / Who should we target?


Positioning / What is the best positioning for your product or service?


Story & Messaging / What story should we tell to establish desired positioning?


Delivery / How should we get our story to our targets?

In a span of four years, I must have worked with David on over 30 different research projects. David has a very thoughtful and organized approach to market research. He was always juggling a dozen projects at any time, but made me feel like my project was his priority. David offered multiple approaches to every research need and worked with me to develop a strong research plan. David’s expertise about surveys made me feel highly confident in the data responses that were returned. In addition, he had great relationships with our 3rd party vendors and stayed on top of everything to make sure the work was done on time, on strategy, and on budget.
— Brand Manager
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