THE complete guide to writing questionnaires 


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“You are crazy to write a questionnaire without reading this book first.” — Dan Heath, co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive

“This is an outstanding and much-needed resource for anyone who needs to gather information or make decisions based on data—in other words, nearly everyone.” — Tracy Carlson, author of What Great Brands Know

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“The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires” is the comprehensive guide for planning and writing questionnaires. It contains a user-friendly framework for writing questionnaires that begins with planning research to support decision-making, conducting qualitative research, and planning the questionnaire before you begin writing questions. It provides guidelines to make questions clear, answerable, easy and unbiased. The book also offers guidelines for the three most common tasks we ask of respondents: selecting items from a list, rating items on a scale and answering open-ended questions. Finally, the book shows how to properly pretest a questionnaire.

This book is for anyone who is involved in writing questionnaires: marketing researchers, human resources managers, public health officials, engineers, government researchers, professors who will use the book as part of their curriculum, pollsters, and anyone else charged with writing a questionnaire.