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Get a custom-built team of experts to develop a solution tailored to your exact research needs.

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The Science of Survey Design

Most surveys give you inaccurate and biased information. That is because the vast majority of people who write questionnaires are simply untrained. Much of the data you get is inaccurate. We are trained in the science of questionnaire design. We use well-tested state-of-the-art scientific approaches to survey design.


Semantic differential Discrete choice Max-diff Satisficing Optimal scale length Validity Reliability Unipolar versus bipolar scales Full versus partial filtering Cognitive interviewing Cognitive probes


Custom Studies


Insight & Measurement also works with experts across research fields, and can create the perfect team to meet your research needs. Common custom study types include:

  • Research Planning

  • Survey Research & Questionnaire Design

  • Qualitative Techniques

  • Focus Groups

  • Depth Interviews

  • Cognitive Interviewing

  • Patient Communities

  • Label Comprehension

  • Online Qualitative Research

  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

  • Patient Preference (PPI)

  • Patient Experience

  • Segmentation

  • Package Design

  • Message Testing

  • Patient Journey

  • Customer Communities

  • Custom surveys

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